Monday, May 18, 2009

Do you think this is telling?

There was a seven mile backup on the highway on my way to work this morning.

One of my biggest irritations is traffic. Especially highway traffic. About a week or two after we first moved to the 'burbs, I got stuck on my way home in terrible traffic. I was still unfamiliar with my route (and hadn't yet purchased my BFF, "Jill"- my GPS), so there was no way for me to get around it. III called me when I was still 2 exits from our house, after I'd been driving for over an hour, and I burst into tears. Ugh. Hate it.

So I'm guessing it says something that this morning I just didn't care. I was like "Huh. Well, I guess I just won't get to school until later!" Fewer minutes at work- sounded like a good deal to me.

26 days... (25 wake ups...)

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Caroline said...

I hate traffic too!