Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cranky Tuesday.

I had planned to write about my weekend, but maybe I'll have to do a second post later today, because right now I'd rather complain.

I did not sleep well at all last night. B-dog was in bed with us for the first half, and then, even though in general I love having her there, I kicked her out. She then curled up next to me on the floor (after giving me a dirty look) and proceeded to wake me every 30-45 minutes with her snoring until 4am when I made her move to the spare bedroom.

I also have this crappy cold. It's mostly headed to "getting better" except for the cough.

Sidebar- I'm listening to the local radio morning show and this 23 year old just called in to say that she is pregnant (by accident) and she's complaining that now she has to quit smoking. Oh no. Poor you.

So I'm tired and cranky, and for some reason worried about B-dog. Nothing new has happened to make me worried. But I keep probing her lymph nodes and worry that they're bigger. I plan to call today to make a vet appointment for her at a new vet. She's supposed to have a physical and blood test once a month from now on. I'm hoping they'll have an appt on Wednesday but since that's tomorrow I'm guessing they won't, so I'm shooting for Friday.

KB's birthday was on Saturday. She got in a car accident on Thursday and while she's physically ok, her car is totaled so that wasn't a great birthday present for her. :( I have gifts for her so we made plans to get together today. She wants to go to a restaurant where she has a free birthday dinner but it's not very convenient for me to get to... but it's her birthday so I shouldn't complain. I also have become that woman I never thought I would- I feel like my evenings are for III. Not because of his expectations, but just my own. That's our time together and so I find myself hesitating to make plans after 7pm on weeknights. I never thought I'd be like that... but here I am.

Maybe I'll be back later today and be in a better mood. :-/


michelle said...

I think you were listening to the same radio show I was this morning! I like to be fairly mellow and hunker down with my husband in the evenings too!

Anonymous said...

Some days it is just enough that I do not scream at everyone. It is hard but you are doing just fine.