Sunday, May 3, 2009

guns and s.ex

Geez. If you had told me five years ago that I'd be writing a blog post that talked about both of these subjects, I would have laughed in your face... oh, how times change. ;-)

Despite a 5am wake-up, yesterday was lots of fun. I really enjoyed seeing III in action, and I also enjoyed seeing his coworkers. Whenever I meet the guys he works with, they tend to say to me "Oh, III's such a great guy," or "You've got a good guy there." My answer: "I like him." Well, I do! I do agree that he's a great guy, but I wonder- what if he wasn't? Do people say that anyway? Or would they say nothing..?

Along with the simulations, the participants were given the opportunity to shoot at the range. I've never shot a gun before- until I met III I'd never held any interest or curiosity when it came to guns. Even in the last three years, I never felt the desire to try shooting one. But since the opportunity was given, I figured I might as well take advantage of it. III set me up with his buddy, T, who turned out to be a great teacher. They had pistol and 9mm sub.machine, and we got to try each of them. T told me how to hold it and steadied it, but it was the same thing he was doing for each person. When I finished, he looked at me with a grin and said "Holy shit! You're a great shot!" I felt like I couldn't take all the credit- after all, he helped. But when I looked at others' targets, I realized I really hadn't done so bad, comparatively Who would have thought? Especially for my first time. :)On a totally different subject, this morning, III woke up very cuddly. As much as I'd like to think he is feeling extra loving and affectionate towards me at these times, I know him and know he just wants to get some. :) So we woke up with a 'bang' (Ha. Pun intended.) Unfortunately, the issues I've had with spotting since I went off the pill continue. The most inconvenient part of this is around s.ex. While it's not "full flow" as they call it at the RE office, it's enough to get messy. *sigh* I hate that. So annoying. III doesn't complain, but considering his tendency to be type A and the fact that he tends to be squeamish about 'girl stuff', I'm sure he doesn't love it.

It also makes me feel like it's pretty definite that my period is coming. Even though I've been told by more than one doctor that it is completely possible to have the spotting and still be pregnant, my own history makes it hard for me to believe that.

My final comment, around ttc: I read one of the three IVF consent forms I need to sign this morning. Ugh. I don't want to have to do this. I'll do it, because I want a baby more. But... *sigh* I wish I didn't have to.


just me said...

Hey there, how cool about being a good shot! I have never shot a gun, kind of like you, never had the desire or opportunity.
sorry about the dreaded spotting, i am with you, I know what "they" say about spotting and being PG, but it hasn't worked out that way for me either. sorry that you have to do this. sending you a big hug!

Erica said...

The IVF consents are totally weird, aren't they? Especially the one that asks you what you'd like to do with your embryos in the case of divorce or death of a spouse. Freaked me OUT the first time I filled them out. Now I just try to keep it as light as possible. (Doesn't always work though)

I'm sorry about the somewhat squeamish sex, but at least you're having it! I haven't had sex in at least a month - I wish I was joking! Once my ovaries started making lots of eggies during the cycle, I didn't want to jeopardize them - paranoid, I know - and after retrieval, you're sore. After transfer, you can't. And since I hyperstimmed and my belly is super bloated, I'm STILL not allowed. My DH has been so great about it. He must have found a great porn site. :)

I hope you don't have to go the IVF route too, but I'll be here for you if you do. You'll survive it - I promise!

Anonymous said...

Great shooting!

I hope it is implantation spotting and not AF.


Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Just visiting... but would like to comment on "he's a great guy". Your guy most likely is a great guy. Everyone says what a wonderful man I have & it's true. I know 'cause I've had 2 others. The one before did anyone rarely say "he's a great guy" they'd say "what a character" and that was the truth. He had a pretty good heart, but he was a character. Good luck & enjoy that "great guy".