Thursday, August 27, 2009

I love my husband.

I have had plenty of posts where I express some of the wonderful things about III and reasons I love him.

This is not one of those posts.

When I was a big mouthed, know-it-all, pain-in-the-ass teenager, my mom used to tell me "I will always love you, but right now I don't like you very much."

Now that I'm married, I totally get that.*

My husband needs to learn to control his temper.
My husband needs to learn to keep certain things to himself.**
My husband needs to remind himself how his behavior and mood affects those he lives with (eg: ME).
My husband needs to remember that there are irritating things about living with him that I have to put up with.

There are occasionally times when I really, really miss living alone. I love III and I love the home we have made together. But sometimes I really miss my little condo, where I could watch what I wanted on TV, decide when I felt like leaving dishes in the sink for a whole weekend, eat cereal and wine for dinner, not leave my condo all day except to walk the dog, sit on my butt with a book for an entire afternoon without anyone knowing or judging....

I love my husband...

...but right now, I don't like him very much.

*I have no illusions that I am a perfect housemate. I'm sure there are plenty of times he feels the same way about me.

**Like that line in When H.arry Met, when Sally says, "Harry, you're going to have to try and find a way of not expressing every feeling that you have, every moment that you have them." Yep. That's how I feel right now.


just me, dawn said...

not sure what he said, but sending you a hug and some love :)
I remember and loved living alone....everyone should feel that . When I hear of people who never experienced it, they moved from home to a dorm back home and then to a marriage....I feel sad for them.

Jess said...

We had one of those nights last night...I was furious! The worst part of infertility is having to have sex when your mad as hell...I was so mad that I almost said I don't even want a baby right now, lol! But I knew deep down that I loved him even if I didn't really like him at that moment!

It takes a lot for two grown people who are different to live together. I've never lived alone and sometimes I think I cheated myself but maybe it is good that I don't know what it's like to live alone and not have to answer to anyone...I might miss it too much!

michelle said...

AMEN for being real and honest about it! I love my husband but there are days when I cannot stand to even be in the same room! We are human and we need our own space to breathe sometimes.

Katie said...

When H.arry Me.t Sa.lly is my favorite movie of all time! I love your honesty, and just know that these moments keep it interesting. If we were all perfect all the time, life would be boring. Hang in're PG!!!!!!!