Monday, August 24, 2009

Symptoms or psychosomatic?

Everything I was going to post yesterday I decided I wasn't that interested in. LOL

I noticed my blog isn't updating on people's blogrolls... it might be my fault. I turned my feed off (the reason is not interesting enough to go into) but now I've turned it back on, so hopefully it will work and you'll all know when I've updated.

I am excited that my beta went up. According to the online calculators, my doubling time is 1.8 days (which is like 4o-something hours). Being the math geek I am, I was trying to figure out how they calculated that, but couldn't. I even used my graphing calculator.

I think this is finally starting to hit us. Yesterday, I was making myself lunch and III came up behind me. He wrapped his arms around me and rested his hands on my belly. :)

I may be starting to have some symptoms, though it's hard to tell what is real, what is the endo.metrin, and what's in my head. My boobs are definitely bigger (my cousin was here this weekend and commented on it) and they are starting to be sore, especially along the sides. I have had some cramping on and off. The last two nights I've had some diarrhea, but being someone who has always had some stomach problems, it's hard to tell if it's pregnancy related, or just my crazy stomach. Yesterday, I waited too long to eat lunch and found I got very shaky. And I'm tired. But I'm still being lazy, and I think that makes me lethargic and sleepy. LOL

I call today to make an appt for a 6 week u/s around labor day. Ladies who have been through this- is this an internal u/s or external?

I only have two weeks of my summer break left, but my u/s will be right around when school starts. So I can't decide if I want the next to weeks to go quickly or not!!!! LOL

Happy Monday!


AJ48 said...

I had internal ultrasounds until about 12 weeks. The internal ultraounds are more effective during the beginning weeks. (you can pick up the hearbeat easier, I heard mine around 7 weeks)

Let us know how it goes!!!

Jess said...

Blah, why does work starting and your ultrasound have to be so close together! No one is ever excited to go back to work but your ultrasound on the other hand, how exciting! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Anonymous said...

Your ultrasound will definitely be internal, and they may not be able to see a heartbeat yet, depending on whether you're "6 weeks" or like "6 weeks 4 days" kind of thing. I can't remember exactly when you get to the point of "definitely" being able to see a heart beat.
I remember that I got shaky and lightheaded throughout my pregnancy with D when I didn't eat often enough, and also with a couple of my m/c (and that is NOT my norm at all). That sure sounds like a symptom to me!

c by the sea said...

yay for good numbers! i'm SO truly happy for you. i can't wait to find out how many are in there :)

i'm sorry that you are starting to feel funny, but it is probably a little reassuring!

Anonymous said...

The numbers and doubling are great! It will be an internal if it is at your RE's - I did hear of a girl going to her OB at about 6 weeks and they used the abdominal and did not see much.

I am very, very happy for you!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW, it was the outside of my bbs that started to hurt first...