Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I thought this was going to be a different post.

III came home yesterday around 5:30- that's very early for him. He walked in, said hello, and then started walking around our downstairs area. "What are you looking for?" I asked... "Nothing." Um. Ok.

He told me he was going to a 6 o'clock martial arts class. I asked how long it went and he said he might stay for the 7 o'clock class too, so I could eat without him if I wanted to.

He was clearly not in a good mood.

So he left and I sat here stewing. I hate when he gets like that, and I hate that, for the second night in a row, I'd be eating dinner by myself. I was composing a blog about it in my head- really. LOL

Then the doorbell rang.

My lovely husband sent me flowers. Tulips. (I love tulips.) With a note that said "Just because I love you! XOXO"

Confession time: After I opened them and got them all set out, I started thinking. Why is he sending me flowers? Maybe it will be followed by bad news. Or a confession. Or maybe there's something he won't confess to....

(In my defense- when I posted it on my status on, my dad, my uncle, and a friend all said "What did he do wrong?" Is that what flowers say nowadays?)

Then I started thinking... I hadn't been feeling well all week after the ER, and I'd been feeling very unattractive and lacking in energy. Maybe he was just being nice!

I sent him a text "Sneaky boy! I just got your flowers!" So he skipped the 7 o'clock class and came home to have dinner with me.

When he had come home earlier, he was pissed that the flowers hadn't arrived like they were supposed to. That's why he was acting that way.

I asked him "What made you decide to send me flowers?" He said "It just seemed like you could use it. With everything that's been going on.... and you've seemed kind of down lately..." Sweet man.

I love him.


Katie said...

That is the sweetest thing ever! You've got a keeper ;)!!

jvwaiting said...

Wow, what a wonderful man! Sometimes they do prove that they are worthy of being kept around!!

Anonymous said...

Clearly totally emotional <----- because that just made me get all teary-eyed. What a good guy.