Tuesday, August 18, 2009

headfirst back into real life...

I am home from my vacation. We had a very nice time, but it was very hot and humid. I love traveling with KB, but she tends to feel sick easily while traveling and this was definitely something that plagued our trip. Despite this, we got to several beaches (resulting in sunburn for me... this summer's weather hadn't left me prepared with any sort of base tan) and did some sightseeing.

We were only gone four days and three nights, but I was not prepared for
how much I missed III. We exchanged text messages, but my phone was on roaming while away so we didn't speak the whole time. I can safely say that, before I met him, I did not understand women who couldn't go for a few days without talking to/seeing their boyfriends/fiancees/husbands. I never thought I'd be one of them!

As nice as my trip was, I was glad to get home. It is hot and humid here, but not nearly as much as on our vacation. I was happy to see III and my dogs. They were happy to see me too- III even surprised me in the shower.* ;-)

Today it was back to real life. B-dog had an appointment for our last ditch effort to give her a few more months of health. The protocol they are using is 4 drugs- I found out late Friday (through an email) that one of them had to be shipped. Unfortunately, by then I was already out of the country and couldn't get back to the pharmacy until last night. Which meant that we won't get the meds until Thursday. I took B in this morning for the IV part of the protocol, only to be called back to pick her up- they want to wait until Thursday when the final part of the protocol arrives. Long story short, it's not really anyone's fault that it happened- just poor timing and a string of little decisions- but it's annoying.

My beta is on Thursday. This is the most hopeful I've been in a long time. I'm not having any symptoms (aside from the huge, sore boobs, thank you progesterone)... I guess the hope comes from the good outcome we had this cycle, plus just statistics. My doc told me there is around a 40% chance each cycle of me getting pregnant after ET. That usually technically means that out of the women in a similar age group and situation to me, 40% of them got pregnant. It also means that 64% got pregnant within 2 IVF cycles. So I guess that more-than-half number gives me a little more hope... I just hope it's not dashed. It's going to be tough on both me and III. :-( Hopefully, beta news will be good and we won't have to go through that again....

*While I know many REs advise avoiding sex and org.asms post-ET, my don't. They feel a "moderate" amount sex is fine beginning the day after the transfer. What usually dissuades me is the mess from the endo.metrin, but the shower location pretty much took care of that!

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