Thursday, October 1, 2009 Be.auty

...the queen gave birth to a girl who was so beautiful that the king could not contain himself for joy, and he ordered a great celebration. He invited... the wise women so that they would be kindly disposed toward the child. There were thirteen of them in his kingdom, but because he had only twelve golden plates from which they were to eat, one of them had to remain at home.

...the thirteenth one suddenly walked in. She wanted to avenge herself for not having been invited, and without greeting anyone or even looking at them she cried out with a loud voice, "In the princess's fifteenth year she shall prick herself with a spindle and fall over dead." And without saying another word she turned around and left the hall.

Everyone was horrified, and the twelfth wise woman, who had not yet offered her wish, stepped forward. Because she was unable to undo the wicked wish, but only to soften it, she said, "It shall not be her death. The princess will only fall into a hundred-year deep sleep."

...Now it happened that on the day when she turned fifteen years of age the king and the queen were not at home, and the girl was all alone in the castle. She walked around from one place to the next, looking into rooms and chambers as her heart desired. Finally she came to an old tower. She climbed up the narrow, winding stairs and arrived at a small door. In the lock there was a rusty key, and when she turned it the door sprang open. There in a small room sat an old woman with a spindle busily spinning her flax.

"Good day, old woman," said the princess. "What are you doing there?"

"I am spinning," said the old woman, nodding her head.

"What is that thing that is so merrily bouncing about?" asked the girl, taking hold of the spindle, for she too wanted to spin.
She had no sooner touched the spindle when the magic curse was fulfilled, and she pricked herself in the finger. The instant that she felt the prick she fell onto a bed that was standing there, and she lay there in a deep sleep.

Jacob and Wi.lhelm

I have been feeling twinges of jealousy towards bea.uty. Yes, she falls asleep under a curse. (It is Grimm after all...) But the idea of laying down and going to sleep for a while (then to be awaken by a kiss...? There are worse things...) is pretty appealing. I want to wake up and be refreshed. I want to wake up and be healed. I want to take a break from my life - not think about work*. Not think about the fact that I'm still not pregnant. Not think about the road ahead where we continue trying to get pregnant. Not miss my dog. Not feel this ache in my chest.

This isn't a fairy tale, though, so I guess even if I did fall into a deep sleep, when I awoke all that stuff would still be there- still be true, still be fresh in my mind.

Despite this, today hasn't been a horrible day. I'm just tired. I'm looking forward to going home... I should bring papers home to grade, but I may just take the time to relax.

*I do have to say, though, that my students are awesome this year! I'm just feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work and how far behind I am, plus my motivation to do anything is so low. I don't know if I could do it if my kids weren't as great as they are...

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just me, dawn said...

i wish that I could offer sage advice, instead I offer up friendship and a virtual hug. I think you are doing the very best you can, and some days that is all we have.