Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So much to say and nothing to say...

Every day I plan to post. I have all this stuff to say. Then I sit down, and there's nothing.

I'm doing okay. Except when I'm not. III and I working out the fact that we are clearly dealing with all of this differently. He is much better at compartmentalizing and transferring. I still have that heavy feeling on my chest.

I have heard back from none of the rescues. I contacted two more places last night about dogs on petfi.nder. I had also posted on CL... first it got flagged. WTF? I think there are just assholes hanging out on CL to flag people. Anyway... I reposted and today I got an email from a woman who's parents are looking to rehome their 7 month old boxer! I emailed them and am waiting to hear more, but it's the most promising lead so far. I still love the little white deaf boxer, but I've heard nothing from that rescue and it's been a week. III is also unsure about having a deaf dog... so we'll see. I am very excited about the possibility of bringing home a new pup.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

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