Saturday, October 3, 2009

Am I setting myself up?

I'm falling in love.

I have been perusing the rescue sites. I adopted both B and M-dog from a particular rescue, but right now they have very few young female dogs. So I have branched out and applied to two more boxer rescues.

On one site, I continue to be drawn to the page of a sweet little deaf white boxer.
She is being fostered about two hours from me, so it's not the most convenient match in that sense, but I have a car. I can drive to get her.

So what's the problem?

First of all, I have yet to hear from the rescue. I know that they are run by volunteers, and because of this it can take a while. I sent in my application, and then emailed the volunteer listed on her page, as instructed by their FAQ. In my email, I mentioned that I was interested in a number of their rescues. Since then, I've started to fall in love with this beauty. Is it too soon to email again, expressing my desire to bring her home?

Second problem... the rescue's page states that she "...will need a securely fenced yard and someone who is home most of the day. Having other animals in the family would be ideal. She also needs people who can teach her sign language which will help guide her safely."

We have the fenced in yard. We have a buddy. But we work. We are not home "most of the day".

I don't know if this is because of her age, her energy level (reportedly high) or her deafness. But I really want her. And I'm afraid we won't be considered because of our work hours.

I have written them a detailed email... not yet sent... in it, I explain our experience with special needs boxers (both my dogs needed pretty serious medical attention when I first got them, B had separation anxiety, and then of course cancer...) and my experience with deafness (humans, but still... deaf dogs need to use signs and I already know many!). She's been with the rescue since June, and I would guess they are having trouble placing her because of her special needs. I want her. I hope the stay-at-home part is "ideal" but not "necessary". In spite of it, I think we could give her a fabulous, loving home.

So am I setting myself up for disappointment? Maybe. Maybe it really is not good for her to be in a home where her humans work full time. I don't want to put her in a position that is not good for her. But I am already starting to love her from afar and we really, really need something like this.


Anonymous said...

O my - she is the most adorable pup. If she and your M dog get along, I really don't see how her being home during the day without a human would be a problem. I sure hope the rescue realizes how devoted you are to your animals and how great you guys would be for her ... I'll be hoping. I have 2 rescue dogs as well, they've given me far more than we have them.

I am glad you are feeling a tiny bit less emotionally fragile as time passes. In my experience, the severity, the sharpness of the pain does lessen over time and you become more able to deal with random comments which wouldn't mean a thing to most people.


michelle said...

She is adorable. I have recently been thinking that I would like to adopt a dog with unique needs - I almost jumped and took the opportunity to adopt a diabetic dog - being diabetic myself I thought it would be a good match -


having worked as a volunteer at a rescue for labs ( myself I KNOW that it takes extra time with these animals. Not only are they adjusting to being fostered, a new family etc. but in order to comfort them and supply what they need - we do need to learn special skills - and take extra time.

I will keep my fingers crossed that it works out as it should. Just remember if this gorgeous girl is not the one for you there will be another rescue match that will be perfect for you.

Amy said...

She is adorable. I hope that you are able to bring her home.

just me, dawn said...

she is beautiful, hoping it works out for you.

Janice said...

I foster Jack Russells and our rescue coordinator would take some time to reply, if she was away - there are lots of people involved, but only one rescue contact. Hopefully that is what happens with you - that little deaf girl is adorable. I have seen lots of rescue sites ask for someone to be home all day - that would be the ideal home for any dog.

Good luck with the dog. I am a lurker on your blog, and I am sending you love and hugs, and healing for all your losses.