Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What have I gotten myself into?!?!

First thing's first- GREAT anniversary weekend. We had a wonderful weekend away. It was relaxing and it was nice to have time with III just to talk and hang out. He rarely relaxes when he's at home, but he even took a nap with me on Saturday! Of course, the minute we got home, he put on his "work" clothes and started doing stuff around the house.

And we got a dog. Her previous owners brought her by yesterday. She's almost half the size of my other boxers, so from this point on, she'll be known on this blog as "Peanut". LOL

But, my goodness, she has some serious energy.

I don't want to say I forgot what it was like adjusting to (and helping to adjust) a new rescue... I remembered... but I forgot what it feels like. Peanut hasn't really been socialized with other dogs, so M-dog has already been teaching her what not to do. (With a boxer swat and a growl.) Then he looks at me with sad eyes as if to say "What have you done, bringing this crazy girl into our home?" I know Peanut is a hyper dog- her previous owners warned us. But I think she's even more wound up because she's nervous and excited.

So much I could vent about here, but lets sum it up by saying I'm feeling very nervous. I hope she's okay today (she's secluded from M and from anything that could hurt her). She's having some GI problems, and I'm not sure how much is related to anxiety. I just went to Who.le Fo.ods and bought some chicken (going to do the boiled chicken and rice for a few days to see if that helps... she was on Bene.ful before. Yuck. It is definitely not agreeing with her), some Wel.lness dog food to start after the chicken and rice, and some Res.cue Reme.dy. Hoping the RR helps take some of her anxiousness away...

I'm excited to have Peanut at our house and looking forward to when we all settle in... but, god, do I miss B-dog. I knew this wouldn't replace her, and a coworker who recently went through the same thing told me that the day she got her new dog made her miss her old dog more, so I was prepared. But I miss her so much there is a physical pain in my chest. It hurts me that she is gone forever, and it hurts me that I will probably never feel the same thing for any dog ever again. It also hurts me that I'm pretty sure M-dog was looking for her this morning. He hasn't recently looked for her, but this morning I had Peanut closed in the bedroom (so that M-dog could eat his breakfast in peace) and he came to the closed door and wanted in. I let him in, he walked past Peanut, around the room, and then out again. He went and lay by himself in the spare room looking sad. So we both are missing B. :-(

I'm sure I'll have plenty of updates in the near future...


michelle said...

How can you post about a new puppy and not have a photo!?!

just me, dawn said...

i know you are gonna grow to love peanut so much, but you will always miss B-dog, sending you a big hug and hoping that Peanut is feeling better!

irrationalexuberance said...

1) I'm with Michelle, where are the pics?
2) I know it's a lot of work now, and I doubly know that this new puppy will never take the place of the dog you lost, but it's a great addition to your home and will bring you tons of joy. It will be different joy than with B, but joy all the same.