Friday, April 30, 2010

Due date

Today would have been my due date.

There have been a few things that sting a bit about that. A few friends have recently had babies... including KB. I went to visit her yesterday at the hospital. Baby N is a teeny thing, so sweet and adorable. I got to hold him, and she told me about his birth. It doesn't sting that she had a baby- it stings that we would have had babies who were almost exactly the same age. We would have experienced this together.

Of course, the fact that I am currently pregnant helps ease the sting a bit. It's still so early, I'm not comfortable feeling too excited... but I am just trying to go one step at a time. I am praying that this pregnancy will continue and will result in TWO healthy babies.

This scenario would support my philosophy that good things can come from bad. (It's my variation on "everything happens for a reason" which I just can't personally wrap my brain around.) If my previous pregnancy had progressed, I would not be pregnant with twins right now. I would be a mother to a baby... but it would be a different baby. While, I know I would have loved that baby infinitely, if this pregnancy progresses well and in December we become parents to these twins... I'm sure the joy and the love we will feel will be overwhelming. These will be our babies, and once they are here I'm sure we will be unable to imagine our lives without them.

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Kakunaa said...

I'm glad you are finding a way to work through this.....