Monday, April 19, 2010

Post op

Do I still call it a WTF appt if the IVF appears to have been successful?


Dr. Z is a really good guy. I walked in and he didn't say "Are you excited?" or even "Congratulations!" He said "Are you feeling cautiously optimistic?" Granted, he's been doing this for a long time with a lot of women, but he is a man and he is a doctor, and lets face it- they can be clueless. But he's not. He followed that up by telling me that I should feel a little more reassured knowing that we transferred 3 good quality (3BB, 3BB and 5AA) blasts that appeared to be chromosomally normal. He said you can get much more reassurance than that.

The one thing I wanted to know was about the testing. The doctor who did the transfer seemed a little confused about what they tested for, so I asked. Dr. Z cleared it up and told me they tested 24 chromosomes- all 22 pairs and the for an x and a y chromosome. I then asked if he knew, of the 14 abnormal embryos, why they were abnormal. So he went into my file... some of them were "complex abnormalities" which means something more than just our #2... this is the type of thing that can happen with any couple's embryos. But we had 5 that were solely affected on chromosome #2. So that's about 25%. I called III to let him know as well, because he seemed so bummed about the 14/20 being abnormal, and when I explained that there were 5 he said "Because of me?" :( I don't want him to feel responsible. It's not his fault. There are a lot of GOOD things about his genes that I want for my babies!!! This one negative thing has hopefully now been taken care of with the PGD.

I saw KB today before my appt. She is 37 weeks pregnant and looks it! It is still hard knowing I would have been right there with her... I would have been due in eleven days. She is upset that the doctors say she has at least a week to go before they'll even consider inducing and that her due date is three weeks away... as I've said before, I'm having a hard time feeling too sorry for her... She loved the blanket I knitted for her baby, though, and I even got to spend a little time with Miss M, which always makes me happy. :)


Sarah said...

I think maybe at this point instead of a WTF appointment, it starts to turn into a "OMGreally?! Appointment."

Fran said...

Ohhh and he didn't give you a sneaky scan to see how many have nestled in there?? ohhhh

But great the appointment went well!

Awise said...

I can understand where you are coming from with the PGD stuff. My DH had RB as an infant & has a deletion on his 13th chromosome. He feels so guilty because that is our reason for going through IVF. I just try to remind him that we are a team & I couldn't imagine having anyone elses baby. I pray that my future babies have many of his good traits & I tell him that ALL THE TIME! Good luck =)

Becky said...

Iam so happy for you, congratulations!! I've been reading for few months and i am so glad you are pregnant! I've known so many people that struggled to get pregnant. Everything you've had to go through will be worth it once you hold your little man or woman in your arms. I so wish you live in FL i have tons of hand me downs i'm thinking about getting rid of. I think just one baby is in the cards for me!!