Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The symptoms have arrived.

I appear to be having some symptoms over the last couple of days.

My boobs. Oh, my boobs. Ouch. If I could just wear a sports bra with every outfit, I might do okay. Hmm... that's an idea, actually...

My sense of smell seems to be a bit heightened. I feel like I can smell dog pee all the time. Peanut has had accidents here and there, so I don't know if I'm smelling residual pee on the rugs or what. Today, I dragged both area rugs outside and sprayed them down with Nature's Miracle. Tomorrow, I'm going to try using one of those odor sprinkles that you vacuum up. I looked into having them professionally cleaned, but it's like $300. Yikes.

The other is not something that I experienced in my previous but short pregnancy experience.

Sex dreams.

For real. At least four times in the last week. Usually in the morning around when I wake up. I wake up all turned on! Unfortunately, it's usually after III has left, so I can't even use them to my (and his) advantage...

That seems to be the only time I'm interested in doing it though. By the evening, I just feel tired and gross. (Um, can we talk about how the progesterone suppositories don't help with that, either?)

So I guess symptoms are good. Somewhat reassuring, though my symptoms continued after my missed m/c last time...

So yeah. That's it from here. :)

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Sarah said...

Oh, I hear ya on the progesterone thing! Disgusting. But, this is better than the Crinone that I used 2 cycles ago. THAT stuff was absolutely horrible.