Friday, April 16, 2010

First ultrasound appointment set.

I made my appt for my first u/s. I wanted to make sure it was closer to 7w than 6w because of what happened the last time. So my appointment is o 5/3, and if my calculations are right I will be 7w1d. So hopefully, we will definitely see a heartbeat... and if not, it will be pretty definite about what's going on. She said my second u/s will be 7-10 days after that. That puts me at a minimum of 8w1d. That also makes me happy, because 8w will be the date I'm very nervous about and I'm happy I will have my post-8w u/s at my clinic and not with crappy u/s doctor.

The woman who makes the appointment (who knows me now since I've talked to her so many times over the last two years) suggested I call my ob to make my first appointment after that 7-10 days. With my last pregnancy, when I called it was hard to find a day because most people call so much earlier. But... I'm afraid to schedule the appointment yet. I feel like it's tempting fate. I know that's crap- I don't even believe in that stuff. But I'm scared.... *sigh*

Symptom watch- my boobs are definitely sore and bit bigger... that's all I've got so far. I should mention that my bloating and other ivf symptoms were so much less this time compared to my previous ivfs. I think it's because I was doing weekly acupuncture the whole time, so I highly recommend it!!!!

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