Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fat girl pants.

Thanks for all of your support yesterday.

III and I sat down and talked last night. He gets really nervous about those conversations- he told me "I actually made a list of points to touch on, but I was scared to bring it up because I was afraid you'd cry."

Of course I cried. I can't help it! I'm a crier.

III talked to his supervisor and it turns out they have some procedures they can follow if he needs to go be with his parents. They just don't "advertise" it so that people don't take advantage of it.

There was lots and lots of talking about the best option.... and we decided there just isn't one. So we're going to do the best we can. Right now, we're probably going to stick with the plan that we will eventually move to City C. It's not ideal to me, but staying here isn't ideal to him (in fact, he hates the idea of it) so City C is our compromise.

We still haven't heard whether FIL is on the list, so we're going to wait to find out about that before we take any steps on any decision.

In other news, I'm wearing super stretchy pants today. We are having a bout of warm weather, so I have my gaucho pants on. They're my "fat girl" pants. Comfy, but work appropriate.

I really hope I'm pregnant - then the fat girl pants are worth it.

I have one HPT at home, and my plans for it are Sunday night since, as usual, I don't like being 'surprised' with a negative beta. But I'm starting to be tempted to try one earlier. I'm trying to hold out. Thursday would be the equivalent of 10dpo. Can I wait for an additional three days???


Katie said...

I say test as early as you want! I'm a POAS addict, so I'm all for knowing as soon as you can!

Sarah said...

I loath HPTs! They are evil. Fingers crossed that you get a positive, whether its a beta or HPT.

PS...All I own now-a-day are fat pants. I'm not happy about it. :(

Amaprincess said...

I'm a crier too! Wrote a whole post on it about mascara! Hoping that you get your bfp.

Jenn said...

I am a crier and my DH has no idea what to do with me most days!
After my last fresh cycle I POAS'd at 10DP5DT and got a positive. If you don't want to wait any more, dont :)
Good luck ~ I really hope you are pregnant too!
Sending hugs your way