Thursday, April 29, 2010

More detailed update

Yesterday morning was kind of a schizophrenic couple of hours for me. My thoughts ranged from "Well, at least this gets me an early u/s" to "What am I talking about, I probably just lost my pregnancy!"

Then there was traffic. III called me and told me he'd been on the road from work for over half an hour and wasn't sure he was going to make it. I was also stuck in traffic. But it worked out- we were each only about five minutes late. (Well, actually we were 20 minutes late. I thought my appt was at 9:30 but when I looked on my portal after the fact, they actually had me scheduled for 9:15. Whoops.)

They called us back and got me settled up there on the table. (Um, can we talk about how my bruised tailbone/sacrum was VERY unhappy being in that stirrup/internal u/s position?) The whole thing took about 20 minutes, and the tech was giving us no information. She kept telling me to sit still and to hold my breath... I was dying laying there, not knowing what was going on. III decided there needed to be some levity in the room and started making "that's what she said" jokes. He's such an adolescent sometimes. Eventually, she said "Sorry this is taking so long. It's just that everything is so small and it takes a long time to measure." I said "Oh! So there's something in there?" She seemed surprised- "Of course!" Well, geez. I was bleeding all night, I don't think it's unreasonable to think that I might have lost whatever was hanging out in there!

The only other info she gave us was that there were two sacs and two "flickers". I was confused... I thought she was saying that she thought she might have seen heartbeats, but wasn't sure.

Next, we saw the doctor on call. He was a doctor I had never seen before- but he was so awesome. He explained that there was a "clot" on one of the sacs and that when that happens, it obviously has to come out somehow. He said with that knowledge, it makes sense that I was bleeding, and that I should expect more bleeding. He explained it could be ongoing spotting, it could be intermittent bleeding like I had the night before, or that it could all come in one "gush" and be done. I asked, is there anything I should be on the watch for that would be concerning, and he said not really. However, if at any point I was worried or concerned, to call and they would bring me in for an u/s. I asked about cramping. He said that light cramping is normal for any pregnant woman, but especially with a hematoma- my uterus is "irritated" (well, that makes two of us!) so that could cause some cramping.

He told me he could do an internal exam if I wanted him to check my cervix, but his feeling was that since we knew the reason for the bleeding, and we had 2 sacs with perfect measurements and heartbeats (I said- "Oh! She saw heartbeats?!?!") it wasn't necessary. I told him I was all set.

So we left there very relieved. I am keeping my appointment for Monday, and I'm also going to request that I still have another u/s (as I would have if I hadn't had this emergency u/s) since that would be post 8w, which was when we lost the last pregnancy.

One step at a time... but so far so good. :) Can't wait for Monday to get further assurance that everything is going as planned.


Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Yay! So glad again the everything looks great. I wish the u/s tech had been more forthright with you -- when I went in after my bleeding (I guess I was one of those "Very heavy gush" gals), I told the tech about what happened and asked her to tell me asap if she saw a h/b and she told me 10 seconds into the exam. But I know how different techs have different bedside manners.

Was the awesome doc you saw yesterday Dr. Ber.ger by any chance? I know he's in the surgical center on Wednesdays, so I think maybe it was him. Love him! He let me come in every week through 10 weeks for an u/s, as the 10 week mark is a big one for spontaneous losses. I hope your RE will be similarly accomodating!

Kakunaa said...

TWINS!!! are you stoked or what????? or still waiting to get past the 8 week mark?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad all is well and congratulations on the 2 little ones!