Monday, April 26, 2010

Can't *anything* ever be easy?

I ended my week of vacation at the Emergency Vet. Peanut and M-dog had a big fight... and M-dog lost. He's a lot stronger than Peanut and threw her across the deck, but she's a lot faster and came back and clamped down on his ear and wouldn't let go.

It was kind of scary and very upsetting. I had been cutting her nails, which she hates, and I think she was pretty freaked out. So when M got too close... it was on. Usually, if a fight starts, Peanut backs down pretty quickly, but there have been a handful of times where she's fought back and neither of them wants to give in.

When I went to pull them apart, she had her teeth in his ear and was shaking her head back and forth... poor M-dog had this look on his face... I did the exact opposite of what they tell you to do and stuck my hand in her mouth to pry open her jaw. Once they were separated, both dogs were fine- they probably would have gone right back to playing together. But M-dog's ear was split open and bleeding.

I took him to the vet- it was the same place we had B-dog put down- and cried and cried. I think I freaked out the staff, because I kept telling them "I know he's okay. It's just a cut." while I sobbed. But it had been such a long day, I was feeling so crappy, III was being such an ass... and then to be back at the place where I had taken B so often for her treatments and then on her last day... too much.

M-dog is fine. He had 5 stitches under anesthesia, but this morning was back to his old self. III is "mad at" Peanut. I told him "She wasn't blameless- M-dog participated as well- and she probably doesn't even remember it." But he's being a pain.

As for how I'm feeling... I was feeling pretty nauseous this morning. I'm feeling little better now, though not 100%. My coffee cup is filled with ginger ale instead of java, and I brought lots of snacks to hopefully stave off any queasiness. I once again had trouble falling asleep last night, and then M-dog woke me a couple of times, so 5:20am came way too fast. I hope to sprint home right at the end of the day to relax and refuel for tomorrow...


Gurlee said...

Yikes, dog fights can be so scary, especially if they are between your own dogs. Glad everyone is ok.
COngrats on your BFP. I scanned through your latest posts, did you do IVF?
Just found you via ICLW.

Fran said...

Oh nooo!! God, I wonder if the love we have for pets is going to make us more miserable than happy at times. I'm delighted it was all well and really I'm sure they have already forgotten the "disagreement"!