Thursday, February 26, 2009

One more wake-up 'til the weekend...

I'm feeling a little better today. I'm still exhausted, but less cranky. It's a little less chilly (figuratively, not literally as our downstairs heat isn't working properly) around our house as III and I are getting along better. He has to work tonight, and he also worked Tuesday night, so maybe having some time apart after spending a week straight together is a good thing.

B-dog has treatment today, and hopefully it doesn't give her tummy problems like it did last time. She's such a sweet girl. When I take her to the vet, she sits in the front seat (strapped in with her car-harness). She just loves to be rubbed and petted and seems to enjoy the alone time with me. I just love her so much! I guess it's kind of ridiculous, but I do.

I purchased insurance for M-dog last night through PetPlan. It was a higher cost than the aspca insurance or VPI, which is what is advertised by my vet, but I did a lot of research and a) it got way better reviews and b) while it doesn't cover "routine care" it seems to cover everything else (with the exception of pre-existing conditions, which none of the insurances cover- that's why I didn't buy for B too). They had a number of different options you could choose based on the yearly maximum they would pay out, how much of a deductible you wanted to pay, and what percent they covered. Based on our experience with B-dog and M-dog's own trip to the doggy-ER in December, I went with the higher deductible but 100% coverage. Of course, Murphy's law says that now that I have insurance for him, we won't need it... but if we'd had it a few months ago, it would have been made up for double by the doggy-ER bills.

I'm way behind on my work, but having so much trouble feeling motivated. Alas, I must go grade papers because procrastinating won't make me feel any better...

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