Saturday, February 14, 2009

Freaking out

We've made it to our FL vacation and this afternoon I got a message that B-dog is vomiting, has some diarrhea, and isn't eating. The last I'd not all that surprising; she tends to do that when I go away. The others do, especially since she had chemo on Thursday. The sitter has taken her to the vet hospital and they're keeping her overnight. I wish I was home with her. I've been trying for the last five hours to keep my anxiety attack from turning into a panic attack.

There's more but I'm doing this on my new iPod Touch and it takes forever. Just not as thereputic as usual.


Reya Mellicker said...

Hope your dog was just going through a thing and is fine now, eating and playing.

Hope you were able to enjoy your vacation after all.

Just me said...

Thanks reya! She's doing much better. I plan to post an update when I have access to a real keyboard... :-)

A. said...

Hope puppy feels better :)

The one and only time I kenneled my dog he refused to pee. The entire time. The resulting UTI was a nice vet bill.