Monday, February 9, 2009

The next 30 days...

Today is CD1- which means I got my period today. Woo hoo. One good thing about the blood tests is that I know before I am expecting my period that I'm not pregnant. So when it comes I'm expecting it...

So after a rough Friday and then spending Saturday at KB's daughter's 2nd birthday party with many adorable little kids and their parents (2 of which are KB's 'accidentally pregnant' friends), I'm starting a month with no fertility treatments. As CD12, the u/s and blood test day in a medicated cycle, falls while we are on vacation, we can't do the monitoring we would need to do.

So my plan is to take this month and try to think about ttc as little as possible. I was initially thinking of temping and all that to see how my cycle is post-clomid, but decided I'd rather try to just really take the month off. Have sex when we want to have sex, not because it's the right day.

In 30 days, it will again be CD1. March 11. (Coincidentally, my sister's due date last year.) We'll be starting our first cycle with injectable meds. Then we can return to my regularly scheduled obsessing.

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