Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Like a pin cushion.

I started acupuncture today. The fertility clinic I go to has a partnership with a mind/body center- they even share a building. I had acupuncture this summer for a few months. While it obviously didn't lead to be becoming pregnant, it did help with the mid-cycle spotting I was having. But it's so expensive... so I stopped. (Which was a bit awkward, since I knew the woman doing the acupuncture socially...)

My period is due 3/10- that cycle will be my first with injectable meds. I decided to completely give up wine (*sniff*) for that month. (It's what they tell you to do, but I hadn't completely yet...), though I don't think I can completely skip the coffee (also suggested). I figured I might as well go all the way and have the acupuncture done too. I took out some money through my school's flexible spending program this year, so I can use it towards the acupuncture. It saves a little money since it's taken out of my paycheck pre-tax.

In other news, I spent much of the afternoon researching pet insurance for M-dog. I don't want to be in the position we are with B-dog where we (well, III) questions whether it's worth the money. M-dog was in the emergency room with a virus or infection of some sort in December, and that alone cost more than a year's worth of insurance would. I did found a page where people can review different companies and narrowed it down to 2. Any of my small cache of readers have pet insurance? Any suggestions?

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