Friday, June 25, 2010


We are leaving in four days.

There is so much to do that I am having a hard time getting motivated to do it. Does that even make sense? It's the procrastinator in me I guess. Or it could be the constant state of panic that lives in my chest- because I'm not convinced we're coming back. This temporary relocation could very realistically turn into a permanent move. Ugh.

Along with the million of things to pack and appointments to cover, we have friends who want to see us. As much as I want to see our friends, I am not feeling like attending all of these social events, no matter how casual they are. I saw KB and her kids yesterday- it was a nice time to spend with them, but I really wanted to be home preparing and relaxing (if it's possible to do both at once). Tonight we're having dinner with III's old work partner and his wife. Again, I wish I didn't have to put on a cute outfit and drive into the city, even though I love the city and know I'll have a nice time. Tomorrow is dinner with KB and her husband. Ditto on tonight.

I just want to be there. I'll miss being here and miss my friends... but I really just need to be somewhere where there are very few expectations on me. I have some plans that will make it so I'm not just sitting on my butt the whole time... but they are minor.

With all this worry, how is it that it hasn't turned into any weight loss? LOL

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caitsmom said...

Moving is difficult. Seems like everyone wants a "piece" of you before you leave. Hope you find the time you need for yourself.