Thursday, June 24, 2010


Things that irritated me today:
  • I left a note last week asking the cleaners to come today. They didn't. I don't know if he misunderstood the note or what, but now I have to call because I also told them not to come again after that until the end of August, and if they misunderstood that part of the note they are going to set the alarm off.
  • The USPS appears to have lost (or delayed) 2-3 important pieces of mail. One was one I sent to get reimbursed by my insurance for the PGD. (This I can resend.) One was the only copy of a photo from my sister's hs graduation that she sent me to be included in a surprise for my parents. (She sent it eleven days ago.) The third is a cd I bought online to be played at my parents' anniversary party. It was sent on June 9. Even if these are just super delayed, if I don't get them by Monday, I can't use them for the party because we leave on Tuesday. I do hope we get the photo, though, either here or sent back to my sister.
  • Also a USPS complaint: we can't sign up for a PO box until we get to our location for the summer. So we don't have anywhere for our mail to be forwarded, which means there are several days of delivery until we can give a forwarding address. Plus, and this isn't their fault I GUESS, but we can't have any UPS or FedEx stuff sent to a PO box. But we're not sure they'll deliver to our way out of the way house...
  • There are no cable companies who have service in the area where we will be living this summer, so we won't have any cable and can't set up internet. I had to buy a USB modem through my cell company. And then buy a cell signal booster because our cell service isn't awesome there.
  • I couldn't connect my usb modem online so I had to talk to a ver.izon salesman on the phone to connect it, and he of course tried to sell me all sorts of shit I don't need.
  • My fucking HCG is still >1!!!! It's at 2.5 so I have to go back for ANOTHER beta. Damnit!!!

Ok. I feel a little better now...


Fran said...

My friend, but really they want you back because the HCG is 2.5? here they consider it negative at less than 5! And I hate salesmen too!! Hopefully you'll get your mail. Love, Fran

Amaprincess said...

Funny story about the usps...I JUST got a card back from CHRISTMAS last week! I had the address wrong. I don't know where it was for SIXTH months! It was totally random! You would think the whole postal system would be a well oiled machine by now! I hope your stuff shows up!