Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterday was my appointment with the doctor who is going to take out my fibroid.

The only bad part was the drive. Her office is at a hospital in the city (it's actually the same office where my OBGYN used to be) and it was a pain to get there at 3pm. Gah.

But once I was there....

I really liked her. She was very nice and personable, but informative and knowledgeable. We chatted about my history (Dr. Z had sent her an email) and she did a pelvic. She then explained how the surgery works. She'll be using a da Sur.gical Sys.tem. (I'm such a geek. It was all I could do not to blurt out "Oh yeah! I saw that on Gre.y's Ana.tomy!) It's a little daunting to hear all of the possible (though most with a "less than one percent chance" as she kept telling me) complications, but what other option do I have?

She could have done the surgery NEXT THURSDAY!!! But we're leaving for our summer on Tuesday. Damn. What we decided is that we will probably fly back midway through our trip for a few days for me to have the surgery. Since it is laproscopic, I shouldn't even have to stay overnight and she said after a day or two I wouldn't have any travel restrictions.

So next step is that her office is going to call me with some dates, and we'll decide when to do it. I'm glad I liked her so much, because that always makes something like this much easier.

I'm off to meet III at the counselor's again. This is our second visit, but the last one before we head out.


Gurlee said...

That is the same procedure I had six weeks ago today. I will be more than happy to share my experiences with you if you would like, feel free to email and read back through my blog too. Its amazing they can get you in so quickly, excellent.
You are only the third person, aside from myself in blogland that I have come across who has (will have)it. The other woman is now preggo, almost into her second tri (fingers crossed). She got lucky her first month post recovery on her own.
Keep us posted!

Fran said...

It sounds great! I'm sure it'll make all the difference in the future! Thinking of you, Fran

caitsmom said...

Hope all goes well! Best of luck to you. Keep us posted : )

Anonymous said...

Wow, a robot! That's awesome, that you won't have to stay overnight and will be able to travel so soon. Good luck!