Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trial seperation

Don't worry! It's not from my husband!

We've decided that we are definitely headed west this summer to be close to my husband's family. It will be the first time in fourteen years that I haven't been in my city for the summer.

I'm not sure how much I've talked about it, but I love my city. There are so many things I love about it, but when it comes down to it III has the best reasoning- it's just visceral. From the minute I moved here in 1994, it was just home.

A lot of my favorite things about living here, especially in the summer time, are things that I haven't really taken advantage of since I got married and moved to the suburbs. The architecture, the shops, the beaches, the bustle. But now that I won't even have the option of access to it for two months... I'm nervous and disappointed about it.

There are a lot of good things about going. For one, we just need a change of scenery. We need to not think about fertility appointments. III needs to be away from this city- for as much as I love it, he hates it. We're staying at the family's lake house, which is beautiful and literally right on the lake... and III, while he will be working, will definitely be less "on" with his job and be able to be more flexible and more relaxed.

It is going to be a good test for me. A test of how I do living somewhere else. Whether I can enjoy it and be happy. A test of how I do being away from KB. That is one of the things I'm most dreading. I had really been looking forward to seeing a lot of her and her kids this summer. A test of how I do being closer to my husband's family...

There's so much to think about in going out there for so long, especially with what we need for the dogs. It's definitely going to keep me busy for the next month and a half... I'm hoping to be able to schedule my surgery before we leave so that I can spend that time recuperating and come home in the fall ready to cycle.


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Good luck with the move!

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