Friday, May 7, 2010

The details

We have known since I started this process over a year and a half ago that I have a fibroid. None of the doctors I saw were concerned about it. It was not in a place that should have affected a pregnancy.

Putting all of my history together, however, Dr. Z went back to look at that fibroid. When I had my first u/s in 9/08, the fibroid measured 3.0×2.9×2.8. At the beginning of this cycle in March, the fibroid measured 3.6×4.0×2.8 - not a significant change, especially for the amount of time that had passed.

Yesterday, the fibroid measured 5.7×6.9×4.7.

Just looking at the numbers, you can see that it is significant growth. But the math teacher in me wants to clarify just how significant. If you figure out the volume of the fibroid at each step, yesterday the fibroid had almost 5 times greater volume than it did just two months ago. (Over 7 times the volume it had in Sept '08.)

Dr. Z believes that the growth of the fibroid, probably triggered by the amount of hormones coursing through my body, was using more blood in my uterus, thus depriving the embryos of blood. Last week when I had my "bonus u/s", Embryo A had a heartrate of almost 120. Embryo B had a heartrate of 105. On Monday, (which should have been 7w1d) A measured 6w3d but had no heartbeat, and B measured 6w0d with a heartbeat of 84. (Dr. B had told me 66... either that, or I misunderstood.) Yesterday, A still had no heartbeat (and if I'm reading my test results right got smaller) but B measured 6w4d with a heartrate of 84.

Dr. Z was very encouraged by the growth of B. B grew 4 days worth in 4 days. I asked Dr. Z what the heartrate should be at this point, and he said 100. I asked what a lower heartrate meant, and he told me that it doesn't mean anything necessarily, but that statistically a lower heartrate can be an predictor of miscarriage.

If the fibroid doesn't grow any more, and the pregnancy progresses, great. If the pregnancy does not progress, they will remove the fibroid before I do another cycle.

We asked lots of questions, but of course after a meeting like that is when you think of some of the questions you really want answered. Both III and I wonder... if the growth of the fibroid affected how much blood the embryos were getting, and that's what stunted their growth and caused the loss of embryo A, now that there is only one embryo, does it have a better chance because A is not using any of the blood? I thought it was interesting that the embryo that seemed stronger (better h/b, measuring further along) was the one that didn't make it, but maybe because it needed more blood?

So here we are, we don't have bad news, but not completely great news either. Just still in this state of limbo. I have another u/s on Thursday to see if there has been growth and to see where the h/b is at. I don't know what to expect, though I know what we hope for. Thursday will technically be 8w4d, which is when I found out that we had lost the last pregnancy. Hoping that history doesn't repeat itself...


Fran said...

I think a lot of factors may come into play. It could just be that Baby A had some other problems and it stopped growing. But now Baby B has full blood support and will keep thriving. I just hope your next u/s will confirm nice growth and that the heartbeat has picked up. i have a fibroid too which is hormone sensitive (oestrogen). It's on the outside of the uterus and again nobody believes that it'll have a impact on pregnancy, but sure thing is I need tons of oestrogen to grow the lining. So I think i I didn't have it my response would be better. you are in my thoughts. Fran

Becky said...

Wow, so glad to hear baby b is hanging in there. When i got preg with Nick i had a 9cm cyst growning right next to him, not pretty at all. It was filled with blood. Nick kept growing and the cyst kept shrinking. 4weeks to the day after we fist discovered it they said it has shrunk to a 2cm and that was great. It did finally go away after another 4weeks or so luckily, but it worried me constantly.

I watched a special on the discovery channel or tlc about a woman who had a very lareg fibroid all through her pregnancy, but delivered a healthy baby via c-section and they took the fibroid out on the same day as the c-section, maybe it was an episode on 'deliver me', maybe you can find it, it was very interesting.

Hang in there, both of you, i have a feeling baby b is going to be a fighter, please keep us posted. My blog is private, but if you want to read just let me know!!!

Anonymous said...

I so hope the fibroid size dimishes and this little fighter takes over. Sending you every possible good vibe.

Kakunaa said...

That's some heavy news....limbo land sucks. I am thinking of you and hoping for better news on Thursday next. (((HUGS)))

Katie said...

Hang on, baby! We really want to meet you!