Sunday, February 21, 2010

a cranky ICLW- good idea?

I signed up for ICLW again... I think this is my third one. But, if the rest of the week is anything like today, it's going to be a cranky one. Sorry to any new people reading from ICLW. Maybe bad timing on my part...

If you want to get my whole history, you can find it here. Here's the breakdown in numerical (but not chronological) order*:

28 months ttc
18 months working with Dr. Z (RE)
7 medicated cycles
5 negative betas
4 IUIs
2 IVFs
2 chemical pregnancies
1 rescue ICSI
1 positive beta
1 missed miscarriage (8w)
1 inverted chromosome (DH's #2)
1 FET (with PGD on thawed embryos)

Finishing up our failed FET (one of the two chem pregs) and waiting for the next step... Hopefully a fresh ICSI/PGD/IVF is going to be the silver bullet for us....

*those numbers are inclusive, so my 4 IUIs are part of my 7 medicated cycles, and my ICSI IVF was included in my 2 IVFs count...


Awise said...

I am new to your blog with ICLW! My husband and I are also doing PGD. Wishing you luck & sending positive vibes your way!

jenicini said...

Regular reader, but still here to tell you that you can absolutely be cranky during ICLW. We take take the bad with the good. :)


kimbosue said...

Best wishes on the silver bullet train!


Heather said...

I'm sorry about your cycle. It sucks. I've been there. Have you considered CGH testing for the next IVF? My clinic does it and since it seems I produced ALL bad eggs the last cycle we were considering it for the next since it tests all chromosomes. The only downside (although I consider it an upside since I prefer a FET to a fresh transfer) is it takes 6 weeks to get the results, so it's a staggered cycle.

Best wishes!

AmandaMqn said...

Wishing you lots of luck with everything and I think you are entitled to some crankiness.


Meg. said...

I'm so sorry for your continued heartache. I'm pissed that this latest beta gave you a swift slap to the face. =(

I also refer to my RE as "Dr. Z." I wonder....could we possibly be using the same clinic? (I know, shot in the dark)