Tuesday, February 23, 2010


For real.

I went for my appointment today. I got there at 4, because I thought that's when my appointment was. Turns out it was at 4:15. No biggie.

Until it was 4:45.

And then 4:50.

And then 4:55.

They finally came to get me at 5. For an appointment that literally lasted FOUR MINUTES!!!!


Don't get me wrong, I am overall pleased with my clinic, and I like Dr. Z. But it PISSES ME OFF when that happens. I can do ten minutes. Twenty even. But for real? It's not like I have anywhere better to be????

Peanut has been running around like a freaking tazmanian devil since I got home. That's what happens when she's left in her crate for 10+ hours. Thanks, Dr. Z. III says next time I should take her with me and they can deal with her.


In my four minute appointment, Dr. Z said it is unlikely that my beta will rise*, but that we can start a new cycle as soon as I get my period. He also brought up the subject of transferring three embryos again. I asked if we would take my 'implantation history' into consideration when making the decision, and he said yes. I told him I had to talk to III about it, but unless he's totally against it, I'm going to go for it.

So beta is tomorrow morning. Full disclosure- I'm writing this with a glass of cabernet at my side. My positive HPT --> negative HPT --> low beta has be pretty convinced that this cycle is over. Once I get the official word tomorrow, I can stop all meds and hopefully my period will come quickly so we can get this show back on the road.

*I did not mention to Dr. Z nor to the nurses that I took the HPTs on my vacation. Why is that we feel shamed by this? The nurse at my transfer strongly encouraged me NOT to take one, so I have been hesitant to tell them I did. Even though that likely shows that I had a 50+ HCG level on Tuesday, which means it has already dropped....


Meg. said...

Ugh! WTF indeed!

Ok, the suspense is killing me. Are we seeing the same RE? Does your RE's last name consist of 6 letters? Does your RE's last name end with the letter "s"?

I'm so sorry about the beta roller-coaster. Such a slap in the face. Hopefully you can begin cycling again soon. *hugs*

Baby On Mind said...

I hate it when doctors are not sensitive to your time! I always try to schedule appointment as early as possible, so there is a smaller chance of being late. Sorry this cycle didn't turn out. Hang in there.

Fran said...

Jeez 4 minutes! Unbelievable. Well lets look at the good thing, you can start a new cycle immediately which is a great thing! New hope, new possibilities, I have everything crossed for both of us that it may just happen this year. Love, Fran

Frenchie said...

I just want to say I'm sorry for all of the stuff you're dealing with right now--and in the midst of it, to be made to wait an hour for a four minute appointment is too frustrating.