Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yogaing it.

Thanks for all of your input on the anxiety, therapy, and exercise. I think I am going to call L- she actually periodically meets clients at my RE's office, so since I'm not working full time I'm going to see if her schedule there works with mine. It's half the drive that it is to her other office. But if not I'm going to go see her, at least a couple of times even if I have to drive the length.

I have an appointment with the psychopharmacologist. I've said this before- I know I am sooooo lucky to have such great insurance coverage for all of this infertility stuff, but I have to tell you that it doesn't come easily. I had to call for approval on this appointment, and by the time I talked to the fourth person at the insurance company I was in tears. That might have benefited me, though, because he gave me my approval pretty quickly at that point! :) So now that's set too.

I asked my doctor about exercise, and they felt that the prenatal yoga was a good idea. I used to do 60-90 minutes of hot power yoga pretty regularly, and though I've fallen out of habit I have still gone a handful of times in the last six months and been able to jump back into the routine pretty well. As I mentioned in a previous post, the yoga I had tried was less than I desired and pretty boring. I purchased this DVD. It got mixed reviews on Am.azon, but I decided to give the short version a try. I did the half hour practice today and it was perfect. Definitely more what I'm used to, but with modifications. I could see how it would be too much for someone who is not experienced with vinyasa yoga. I'm not an expert by any means, but not a beginner either. So as an "intermediate" yogi, this DVD was perfect for me. It has a 45 minute practice as well if I want a little more, and a 15 minute one for those days when I'm just not feeling very motivated. I'm hoping this will help with both my fatigue and my anxiety, as well as helping me to have more of a schedule (I'm thinking wake up, breakfast, Ellen and then yoga. :) )and get some necessary exercise.

Based on my OB's EDD for me, I will be eleven weeks tomorrow. My warped brain wants to add "That is, if the heart is still beating..." but I'm trying to ignore that voice and just get through the next ten days until my next scheduled ultrasound. I do know that if I need to, I can go in to see my OB, but I feel like each visit causes such a level of anxiety that I need to find a happy medium- enough visits to keep me assured but not so many that I'm having regular panic attacks, if that makes sense.

Finally, I wanted to share what my adorable husband told me. The day after my appointment, he came home from work. He said hello to the dogs, as usual, and then to me. Then he came over, put his hand on my stomach and said "Hello little person!" He told me that he's decided to be positive about this pregnancy. That if something goes wrong, it's going to suck either way, but that if all goes well, he doesn't want to look back and feel like we didn't enjoy and appreciate the pregnancy. He told me he thought I should think that way too, but he realizes that my "brain doesn't work that way."

I'm glad he is taking that role. As much as I agree with him, I just am not ready yet. Somehow I feel like getting bad news when unprepared for it is harder than when I am. I'm not sure that make sense, as my way is definitely harder along the way... *sigh* Probably something to discuss in therapy!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome on the yoga whatever you need to do to stay healthy. I was paranoid at first this pg would end in disaster (still not out of the woods either). But I just refuse to let fear take control of me enjoying this pg. Who knows, I may never get to this point again and so I choose to savour every moment just in case. But I know I am a rarity. Either way it will suck so I am just not going to let pg loss take this from me too. Keep fighting!

Kakunaa said...

I'm so glad you were able to see the heartbeat and that your OB is so supportive! They should give lessons to regular OBs for the IF crowd. Seriously.

As for the anxiety, I think if L is who you want to see, make it happen. That sounds like the best route for you. Also, there are definitely meds that are safe during pregnancy, so go for it! With any luck, that will help get you to where your hubby is and allow you to enjoy this time, rather than be freaked all the time.

Things are going well, love. Remember that :)

Congrats on 11 weeks!