Thursday, February 3, 2011

1st pregnancy purchase (this time)

In our second spare room (which is my "office", or if you ask III, my "mess") there is a pile. It is a pile of the very few pregnancy/baby things that I acquired in my previous short lived pregnancies. There is a book that I purchased when I was obsessing over symptoms and then some books and a blanket that were given to me by others. I also have 2 pairs of pregnancy pants and 3 bella bands, all which I bought in my last pregnancy when I was hella bloated.

I have been hesitant to buy anything for a few reasons- I didn't want to be left with reminders if the pregnancies didn't work out. (Which obviously they didn't. It's why it's all hidden away in a closet.) I guess if I'm being honest, there was also a bit of superstition. I'm not superstitions generally, but something about this process makes "tempting fate" seem a lot more realistic.

I haven't purchased anything this pregnancy. I have peeked at a book or two about particular symptoms and issues, but for the most part they've stayed hidden away. My last appointment and u/s put me just further than I got with any other pregnancy. My next u/s is four days away.

So today I made my first pregnancy purchase for this pregnancy. I haven't really been working out. I worked out all summer to lose ten pounds, but then in the fall I caught a cold and got out of the workout habit. I haven't picked it back up, in part because 'they' say not to start a new exercise regiment when you're pregnant. I don't know if it counts as "new" if you were doing it and just took a 2 month break. LOL But I have been so tired and lethargic. I'm hoping that a bit of exercise would help give me more energy, but the weather has kept me from being able to do anything outside, like walking the dogs. Today I tried a prenatal yoga video on demand. It was very stretching but overall boring. (I have done hot vinyasa yoga when not pregnant, though I also fell out of habit with that as well.) They also kept talking about "connecting with your baby" through your breathing, and I am definitely NOT there yet. I have not been willing to talk about/think about "my baby" yet. It's my pregnancy for now (I'm barely even to identify it as that) and I certainly hope it will become my baby.

But anyway. I did a little research, and I just purchased two prenatal DVDs that seem to be a little more up my alley. One is a vinyasa prenatal yoga, which is more vigorous according to the reviews, but I feel like I can do my own modifications, even if my "modifications" are taking a break or fast forwarding through certain parts. :) I also ordered a prenatal pilates video. I used to be big in pilates, but it's been a while. I'm excited to see how the DVDs are and maybe get back into a bit of a routine. I will ask my OB about it when I see her on Monday as well.

So hopefully my new purchase won't trigger any sort of bad luck... not that I believe in all of that... but at this point, I feel like I can't be too careful...

UPDATED- of course, just over an hour after this purchase, I went to administer one of my daily doses of endrometrin and found I'm having some spotting. *sigh* Of course, spotting is not abnormal, especially while taking vaginal suppositories... but as we all know, it's unnerving. Damn.


Kakunaa said...

It will be okay, hon. And I think you'll enjoy the videos!

I tried a prenatal yoga video, but my bursitis has been worse with pregnancy, so that didn't last very long. Sigh. It's going to be soooo hard to get back into being active!

Good luck at your u/s!

Michele said...

Former yoga teacher here... I never took on a pregnant student in her first tri, only her 2nd or 3rd and only after a Dr's note. You may want to just check with your doc. There are certain poses that, based on your body, he may want you to avoid. Also, I was never a fan of DVDs unless you did some classes first, just so a teacher could make corrections if needed.

Just my 2 cents!!!

Fingers crossed for good news at your next u/s!!!

Anonymous said...

I swear...its an IFers Murphy's buy something and then WHAM spotting. But hopefully you are feeling more assured now and that it has stopped. Take care.

Hannah Rose said...

I pray everything is okay! It is so hard to have baby things lying around and nothing to show for it. sigh. hugs, Hannah Rose

Infertile Farmer said...

Can't wait to hear how you like the videos. I am the same way - wanting to get some exercise, yet it is so stinking cold!! And I want to do something healthy and not too straining. So, i am anxious to hear how you like them. Ugh for the spotting. Hope it goes away so you can have some peace of mind.
PS - I gave you a blog award, so check it out when you have a minute!

Anonymous said...

Have not been by in a while to say I'm so rooting for you, I know how hard it is to live every day feeling like you are teetering on the edge of a cliff. Just a thought, but have you tried meditation CDs? I found one I enjoyed I can get you the name of if you like, it helped me feel a teeny bit calmer at least once a day.:-) I also had one song I listened to every night, I made that my 3 minutes of total positivity/'you can do this' time.