Monday, March 8, 2010

Date night

I had a lovely weekend.

Mostly because my husband planned a date night.

On Thursday, when III was still away for work, he sent me a text. "Since we have been stressed lately I declare this saturday night after 6pm to be drink wine, get naked, & have a lot of sex night. I think that would be good for us."

Just like a man, huh? Well, that wasn't all. He actually planned it all out. He made dinner and had candles. He had dessert and wine. He read up on ways to keep things fresh in a marriage. He even went shopping for some other surprises. :)

It was really nice. Along with eating and drinking and other *ahem* activities... we talked. A lot. It was the kind of date that I would have been very impressed and excited about if a guy I dated had planned it. And, I was impressed and excited that the guy I'm married to planned it.

Sunday was just Sunday. Back to doing the dishes and going to the grocery store. But his effort goes a long way in making me feel how special I am to him. :)


Awise said...

That is AMAZING! It is so fun to plan dates with the guy you love <3!!!!!

"Jay" said...

Yay for the hubs for keeping things spicy! Love it!

jill said...

Awesome! What a great guy you have!