Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Back when I was briefly pregnant, I was already having trouble buttoning my pants. So I ordered a set of Bella Bands. Unfortunately, they came after I miscarried. So I put them away in my spare room closet, with the few other pregnancy-related things I had bought or been given.

If you click on the link, one of the suggested uses is to help in that in between time when post-partum weight keeps you from your regular clothes. Well, as any IVF girl knows, we are lucky enough to have pre-partum weight and bloat that can make for tight waistbands.

I am able to button the jeans I am wearing today, but as the day goes on, they tend to get more uncomfortable, especially when I'm sitting. So, I pulled out my Bella Band today, and slipped it on over my jeans. I feel like I'm cheating, but since I can't wear my sweatpants to work, I decided a little cheating was in order.


Anonymous said...

When I got pg with an IUI and no drugs, I was bloated, but NOWHERE near as bloated as I was by IVF. The last IVF I did, I work maternity jeans! Who cares if you "cheat"? A girl needs to be comfy!
I'm short waisted so Bella Bands don't work for me,they just compress me and make me feel nauseated. I'm a big fan of the old rubber band around the button trick.

"Jay" said...

Girl, ANYTHING to make you more comfortable, I am all in favor for. I hate feeling like my waistband is super tight, Yuck!
Cheating or not cheating, atleast you are getting some use out of the bella band!