Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Q&A

I have a question for you ladies.

Many people have posted about being assaulted by Face.book statuses (statii? LOL) announcing pregnancies. I know from personal experience what a punch in the gut that can be. :(

When I was (briefly) pregnant, one of the things I thought quite a bit about was how I was going to announce my pregnancy to various people. Some people clearly would warrant a phone call, others an email... but there are plenty of 'friends' on Face.book with whom my only contact is FB.

So I started thinking... it is painful when one discovers yet another FB friend who is expecting- especially one who you wouldn't expect to be expecting.

So here's my question: What do you think the easiest way for you to find out these pregnancies (from people with whom you don't necessarily have regular contact) would be? Would you prefer a FB "note" to a status update? A status update to a u/s photo? Something else?

Just curious. :)

In exchange for your answers... I thought I'd do a personal Q&A as well. I've seen others do it and haven't yet. Anything you want to ask about me? TTC related or otherwise? If anyone does, I'll post answers Wed and/or Thurs.



Amy said...

I'm fine with the status update. Rip the band-aid and put the information out there. But, if every other word you say is related to the pregnancy - I'll be hiding you. And, if you change your profile picture to your ultrasound pic, I'll hide you. I'm ok with babies - I just have a harder time with pregnant people!

Auntie Keri said...

I agree with Amy 100%! Yet, I feel like I block the majority of them anyways. Less stress on me.

Heather said...

I guess a regular "announcement" wouldn't bother me, BUT complaining updates would really piss me off.
You know, things like "I feel so terrible...blah, blah, blah. I hate feeling so fat, blah, blah, blah." Those are people who take things completely for granted and the ones that I would probably defriend or at the least hide. That said, I'm sure you (or any fertility challenged person for that matter) would never do that.

As for Q&A: What's your favorite book?

michelle said...

I only accept FB invitations from friends I really care about & want to keep updated on, so I am fine with hearing that they are pregnant. For me (since I am on the other side of possibility) learning to accept and be happy for other's pregnancies is something I have to do. Sure it stings and hits me different each time I hear but it is part of the life that is mine so I am learning to work with it.

just me, dawn said...

i am going to confess....i announced on FB, but I am only friends with people who I know in real life. My closest friends and family learned first hand not through the status. I do occasionally mention the pregnancy in my status, but maybe once per month....and I do post pics. BUT even though I struggled to get here, I am happy to see others post their news even before my BFP. I would not like to see complaints....and I will never compalin to the general public about anything with this pregnancy, if I have an issue it would be privately to close friends. I find it a hard balance, I want to celebrate this with my friends yet not cause pain to someone by accident.