Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hamster on a wheel

I have a pile of papers to grade and am just not motivated. And I'm giving a test in 2 classes tomorrow, which will just add to the pile!!!

I woke up today feeling less dark. I put on a sweater that III bought me last year for my birthday and am wearing my favorite bracelet. I got a new wool coat which I really like, and the weather was perfect to wear it today, too.

I talked to KB on the phone on the way in, got here in time to get a parking space, and used my early morning time productively planning and making copies for the next few days.

Then there was a team meeting.

Then there was a parent meeting.

Then there was more copying and filing of originals so they don't get lost.

Then I finally had a class to teach... and they needed major redirection.

So now I'm tired again. And I still have three more classes. All I want is a nap. Tonight is puppy school too. I just want the weekend to get here.

I just can't catch up!!!


michelle said...

Cute coat...and no matter how tired you are puppy classes are fun!

Anonymous said...

I hope your pile gets smaller fast! Make he tests multiple choice or something and then see if your hubby or friends can help grade? I used to grade some of my Dad's...then I started putting stickers on them and he wouldn't let me anymore. Lol!

just me, dawn said...

I love the coat! hang in there, you will get off that wheel soon!