Monday, January 10, 2011


I think it is nearly impossible for a woman in her first trimester (especially a woman who has worked so hard to become pregnant) not to obsess about pregnancy symptoms (or lack of).

In my previous 2 pregnancies, 6w is where I started having some nausea and smell issues. Today, none of that. I am, however, POOPED. I slept for most of the day yesterday. Today I am working at my retail job, and three hours into my shift I'm exhausted, shaky, and just icky feeling.* I've had a doozy of a cold for the last 9 days or so (Dr. Z said it's made worse by the progesterone which encourages mucous production) so I'm not sure how much is that and how much could be pregnancy stuff.

My boobs definitely hurt. Like Whoa. I know that's a big part progesterone, but they hurt more in the last two days than they have before.

Bleeding has stopped. Spotting here and there, but some of that I think is residual that comes with the progesterone discharge. (yum)

I wonder which hormones cause symptoms, or if it is a mix of all of them. Dr. Z purposely kept my levels lower this time by slowing down my meds. Obviously this doesn't affect the HCG, but my estrogen was lower and my progesterone was lower (but still well in the normal range).

I guess we'll know more on Wednesday. Two more wake ups to ultrasound...

*I'm on my break right now and just ate an orange and some potato chips, so I'm hoping that will help. Trying to keep up the water intake as well.


Kakunaa said...

The exhaustion and extremely sore BBs are a good sign, honestly. that's how I was. Like, don't give me a hug sore.

I drank Ensure, still do, to try and up the intake of nutrients and whatnot. But it might be a bit hard on your tummy still.

Can't wait for the u/s.

"Jay" said...

I don't know how you wouldn't be obsessed over symptoms! I am praying the u/s goes well on Wednesday!

DaisyGal said...

I was Obsessed the whole time...I would guage my mood of the day on how awful I felt..and the more Awful ...the happier I was...go figure...
I think it's just wonderful , enjoy all those symptoms :)