Thursday, January 21, 2010

I might puke.

I started estradiol last night, both in pill and patch form. I started out the morning so tired, and around 11 started feeling a little gross. I though it was just that I needed lunch... but after I ate I got some serious diarrhea and felt SO NAUSEOUS. I had to leave school early.

I called the nurse at the RE and she said it could be from the estradiol, and that as my body adjusts it should get better. However, I know there's something going around at school too, so I'm worried it's the flu. :( I'm drinking some 7-up, but it tastes gross to me.

Has anyone who has taken estradiol or something similar had any side effects like this? This is my first FET so I don't know if this is just how I react, or if it's something else...


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Anonymous said...

It stinks that apparently none of your readers have taken this (including me) and I'm sure you've googled it (and I'm sure you know by now if it was the flu or not) but it looks like nausea and flu-like symptoms are pretty common. At least that's what Dr. Google says... (Not fun, but common anyway.) Hope you feel better. :(