Friday, January 1, 2010

Good riddance... 2009. What a shitty-ass year.

To recap?
  • It started off with my beloved B-dog being diagnosed with lymphoma. I spent the next six months taking her to and from chemo treatments.
  • I had a tough group of kids in my teaching job and an administrator who not only is ineffective, but often makes the teachers' jobs harder.
  • After 3 failed IUIs , we had our first IVF attempt, only to find something was causing a failure to fertilize- 17 eggs, and none fertilized! They did a "rescue" that ended in a chemical pregnancy.
  • In June, B came out of the remission she had been in.
  • Labor Day weekend, my FIL had card.iac death and was revived with CPR. They put in a defibrillator.
  • The third week in September, I had a miscarriage.
  • That same week, we had to have B-dog put to sleep.
  • My FIL ended up back in the hospital when his defibrillator went off multiple times in one night. He saw a specialist about the possibility of a transplant. (Though it was decided he's "not quite there" yet.)
  • We found out that III has a chromosomal inversion which is contributing to our issues.
  • Meanwhile, at least three of my friends are pregnant and due and spring/summer.
We flew to visit my in-laws over xmas and it was a really rough trip for me. While III's family is very nice, I don't really fit in with them. This is always an issue when we visit, but this time my reserves were really down and I just didn't have the energy or ability to deal well with it. On top of that, we spent four out of five days with friends and family who have young kids. It's the first time that I had a really hard time being around others' children.

2009 topped off in the baggage claim of the airport coming home on Wednesday. I had barely just turned my phone on when it rang. It was a nurse from the RE's office. Insurance will not let us do a fresh PGD cycle until we use all of our frozen embryos. So apparently, they are going to do PGD on the frozen ones. I don't know why they didn't give us this as an option before, or how that changes our chances of a pregnancy because Dr. Z was not in on Wednesday or Thursday. Hopefully I'll get to talk to him on Monday to get more details. There is an up side to this- no shots or ER this cycle, and if any of the embryos survive and are viable, we'll be able to cycle earlier... but it just feels like another complication in this whole overly complicated process.

So 2010? Bring it on. It has to be better than what '09 brought. (Please!!!)


sprogblogger said...

Here's absolutely hoping it's a better year. 2009 sucked.

c by the sea said...

i hope 2010 brings great things for you!