Monday, January 18, 2010

Hurry up and wait...

After I posted yesterday, I got my period. Woohoo!

It was Sunday, so I didn't bother hurrying to call the clinic and report in for CD1. I called today... and it's a holiday. So while I did speak to a nurse, it turns out my file is with the financial person, who is off today. So I have to wait for tomorrow to make sure that all my stuff is in order so that they can get me my meds. She said it's not a big deal, though, and that I just have to start them by CD5.

As unlikely as it is that I'll get pregnant from this cycle, it's nice to be doing something. I always feel better when there's a plan in place and we're executing it.

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Anonymous said...

I definitely hate waiting too, and am glad that your period came so you can start the cycle.
Even though you're not overly optimistic this round will work, I agree that it almost always feels better to be doing something than nothing. I hated those cycles after my D&Es when I had to wait.