Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lonely tonight.

As I mentioned this weekend, III is away for work.

There are days when I'm so tired of living with someone else. Times when I get sick of putting up with his schedule and his moods.

But I'm lonely without him.

T's husband, B, died yesterday.

The combination of those things remind me that the annoying stuff and the crappy days are worth it for the good days and the love I feel for and receive from III.

My loneliness is alleviated somewhat by my dogs. I LOVE my pups. I mentioned to III last week that I am not sure how I would have made it through the last two years of infertility stuff without them. Their unconditional love combined with my ability to... well, baby them... I feel like I would feel so empty without that.

So I guess tonight I am reminded of the things in my life I have to feel grateful for.

(Would it ruin the sentiment to say I'm also grateful for Glee tonight? Keeping me entertained? And for sauvignon blanc? Because... it's yummy. And for spellcheck in blogger, because otherwise I would have misspelled "alleviate"? And for peanut butter cookies sent to me as a surprise by my old roommate, even though they aren't on my "diet" (Thanks, K!!!!)? I hope not... because I am...)


Kakunaa said...

I get it. I LOVE my alone time, for a bit. Then I want him home. LOL. I reserve the right to be a conundrum. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your friend B passed away - it's so sad... My dogs are also my babies and they help a lot when this IF get's too much... I just can't believe how much our puppy has grown - she's not a puppy anymore :(

I guess we all get those times when it's nice to be alone a bit, but lonely without our DH's!

Jenny said...

Hah, I feel the same way about my DH sometimes. :)

I'm sorry to hear that your friend's husband passed away.

The death of someone always seems to put our mortality into crystal clear perspective doesn't it?