Thursday, March 24, 2011


III and I are on vacation right now... so beautiful and warm!!! But right after we got here, I could hardly enjoy it because I was so PISSED at him!!!!!!!!!

He had told me he was going away for training the first week of April. I will be 18 weeks that week, and so was supposed to set up my anatomy scan. Since he was going to be away, I set it up for the following week- April 12. I also had to see my OB for an official appointment (as opposed to the keeping-me-sane-heartbeat-check-appointments) that first week of April.I set that up for the Thursday before. He wouldn't come to that appointment, but I wanted to have it while he was in town... well, just in case.

Right after we checked into the hotel, I got an email with my work schedule for next week. I am working all day Friday and all day Saturday. I mentioned to him that he better soak up his time with me this week, because then I'll be working and then he'll be away. He replied "It's a whole week before I leave for training after we get back, so I'm sure we'll have plenty of time together."

Turns out he CHANGED HIS TRAINING. He is going the FOLLOWING week and just FORGOT TO TELL ME!!!!!!! He knew we had an appointment on the 12th, but... I don't know. Just ... forgot! ARGH. I am SO ANNOYED (as I am sure you can tell). So. Mad.

I called today and had to push our big ultrasound to the 18th. So that adds almost a whole week to my wait. Awesome for someone who has had major anxiety through this pregnancy. Thanks, husband.

I know that some level of my annoyance is probably due to hormones. But still. I want to give him a massive dope slap right now.


Anonymous said... is right!!

Keya said... are something alright!

heartincharge said...

Oh no. im so sorry. i know the wait between ultrasounds is long enough already. and then to have to postpone THAT ultrasound.
He owes you!