Saturday, March 30, 2013

Oh blech

I am sicker than I remember being with any of my previous pregnancies. I know I was queasy but not sick with G-man. I remember being really nauseous with the twin pregnancy. I don't remember if I actually puked.

Yesterday I actually puked.

We were on vacation all week. I definitely felt queasy on and off. Trying to keep eating because that seems to help a bit. (Methinks I'll be gaining more than 28 pounds this time...) Yesterday we were headed home. I felt so awful in the car to the airport.... We got there and I told III he had to take care of the returning the car... then I booked it to the bathroom for a good old pregnancy puke. Awesome.

I'm nervous to go back to school. Not sure how to handle any potential puking... My room is not near anyone else's and I'm not supposed to leave the kids on their own. I had III buy me a bunch of things to try help with the nausea. Hopefully something is a winner.

The only other symptom I've had is a little dizziness and some fatigue. The tiredness isn't as bad as it was with G. The one that has me a little nervous is that my boobs don't hurt at all. That was the big one last time...

My ultrasound is at 9am on Monday. I'll be 7w6d. I have been very Zen about it. But if it's bad... that'll be bad. :( There is no reason to think it will be bad except that I've had bad before... And if it's NOT bad, then I have my first OB appointment on Wednesday. It's a brand new OB and she's going on maternity leave herself for 6 weeks, so she wanted to see me before she leaves.

So keep your fingers crossed for me. Please, please, please let there be a little raspberry with a flicker.


Jamie said...

Fingers and toes all crossed!

"Jay" said...

Zofran was a life saver for me! Hoping all is well on Monday. I'm sure it is with all that nausea ;) Cheering you on!

Rachael said...

Fingers crossed :) Hope the goodies III bought help with the nausea at school.

Anonymous said...

Hi... this might come from left field but I read an earlier post about your husband's chromosome inversion. It seems you have found success regardless. My husband has been diagnosed with a Chromosome 9 inversion - we have multiple failed IVF and recently a miscarriage. Our inversion is often seen as a variant but there has been controversy as to whether it causes sub fertility or miscarriage. If you have any information, I'd appreciate it.

Kristina said...

Hey! Any updates?? :-)