Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's weird to be a pregnant lady.

Sorry I've been MIA. My computer totally died and I had to get a new hard drive. You do not even want to know how many hours I spent on the phone with so-called tech support. Ugh.

But I'm back up and running (and, with the exception of my internet favorites, had most of my HD backed up!).

There's actually a lot to share, including some (non baby) drama, but lets be positive for today.

It is very interesting to (finally) be a pregnant lady. People regularly ask me "When are you due?" And I still always think they're asking "What do you do?" which always confuses me, because why do you care? But, oh wait. WHEN am I due. LOL Random people talk to me. In stores, in restaurants, from across parking lots.... The other day a guy who was walking with his wife and kids turned around to call to me and ask if it was my first.

I have not had any strangers try to touch my belly. Maybe it's the area where I live- people tend to keep more to themselves, so the comments and smiles are already above and beyond what you can expect on a daily basis!

The weirdest is when I get looks from men. Not bad looks... and not lecherous or anything. Just attention. One day, walking less than two blocks at an outdoor mall, I had four men give me friendly/appreciative looks. Maybe I looked extra cute (and pregnant) that day?

III is constantly looking at my belly and smiling. I am carrying high and out front, so I'm pretty much all belly. He is always commenting "He's getting big!" Which is much nicer than "You're getting big!" Oh, and to update on my previous post, we are no longer having sex. He turned me down again the last time I suggested it. I think he's too conscious that his son is inches away in my belly- not that he really believes he'll hurt him, but that he just feels weird. For now I'm okay with that, but it does bother me that it means we'll probably go six months without. On the flip side, III is much more sentimental and even affectionate sometimes.

At 30 weeks, I'm starting to have trouble bending over and my appetite is all over the place- some days I'm starving, others I want to snack all day, and still others I have no interest in food and only eat because I should. I'm clearly running out of room for my stomach to comfortably fit, and lets not even talk about my colon. But I still have 2 months to go, so I'm not going to complain. Six weeks from now may be another story!

Truly, I've (physically) had a pretty easy pregnancy so far. (Well, geez. It's only fair, I guess after the craziness of trying to get here...) A little heartburn, which I often have when I'm not pregnant, and a bout with hemorrhoids (which I've also had before). The worst is the sciatica in my right hip and leg... but, really, if that's the worst of it? I think I'm doing okay.

I promise to post more soon, including about some of the less pleasant issues going on in our lives right now. Hope some of you are still reading! I am reading many of your posts, even if when don't comment!


Frenchie said...

I'm glad you're doing so well! I'm so happy for you. Hard to believe you're at 30 weeks already!! I bet you are a super cute pregnant lady--enjoy the attention.

My Vegas said...

30 weeks is a great milestone to hit. I am glad you are feeling great so far!

J said...

LOL guys are funny, he doesn't want to poke his son in the head! :)

Are we going to get the pleasure of seeing a belly pic?

Keya said...

We had sex mebbe twice since I got pregnant so that's twice in 21 wks. And none of my convincing has worked on hubby - he is still terrified that something will happen to the baby. Im now 23 wks, so thats another 15 wks of no action, plus who knows how long after the baby is here! Sighhh.
Glad all is well and things are going ok :)

Anonymous said...

You are doing awesome!! Your attitude on the challenges of pregnancy is amazing as you keep things in perspective.

Fran said...

Happy 30 weeks! Not long now, wohoo! And yes you are doing well, which is lovely!

Jem said...

Of course you are a beautiful, radiant PG woman! You are going to turn heads! They recognize what a miracle PG is (if they only knew!)