Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thanks for all of your comments. Taking it one step at a time is good advice. That this whole process is happening around xmas makes it a little harder...

I expect to get my period tomorrow. Based on my previous IVF cycles, I created a spreadsheet to see on what date different important dates would fall:

28-Nov 1
29-Nov 2
30-Nov 3
1-Dec 4
2-Dec 5
3-Dec 6
4-Dec 7
5-Dec 8
6-Dec 9
7-Dec 10
8-Dec 11
9-Dec 12
10-Dec 13
11-Dec 14 retrieval
12-Dec 15
13-Dec 16
14-Dec 17
15-Dec 18
16-Dec 19 transfer
17-Dec 20
18-Dec 21
19-Dec 22
20-Dec 23
21-Dec 24
22-Dec 25
23-Dec 26
24-Dec 27
25-Dec 28 beta

Yep, you read that right. Beta on xmas day. Which, since we'll be away the 23rd through the 30th, obviously isn't going to happen.

SO... I expect to be stressed out that week. But I'm trying not to think about it too much. We still have a lot to get through before we can worry about the beta.

Besides. It's not like my previous beta numbers were ever all that helpful. They tell you that is what you should look at in terms of the chances of the pregnancy being successful, but I've obviously been the exception to the rule through all of this.

Not that I'm counting my chickens- I still have to GET pregnant before I worry about a beta. And if I get my period over Christmas break, that's a pretty definite answer...

But first... on to the stims.


Anonymous said...

Ah good luck...hoping you get the best Christmas present ever!

Kakunaa said...

Ugh, betas on bad days. I know how that goes. Remember to breathe, okay? We're all here for you, hon.

Rachael L said...

Thinking of you this month-good luck, and the whole try not to stress too much (haha) wishes being sent your way ;)