Sunday, August 7, 2011

Four weeks to go!

Well, to my due date...

I'm super excited to meet my little boy, I'm kind of sad at the thought of no longer being pregnant.

I have really liked being pregnant. Yes, my hips are killing me and I can't wait to sleep on my stomach again, but I love how connected I feel to him. I love feeling him roll around and hiccup and push out on my belly from the inside (even when it hurts). I like that strangers are excited for me and there is such a sense of anticipation around our family right now.

I've been waiting for this baby for years and years, and am so happy that he will be here soon. But a big part of me will definitely miss no longer being a pregnant lady.


Kakunaa said...

I totally miss being pregnant!

Anonymous said...

I miss the kicks too! Take a video of your belly when he's super active...we did that and from time to time I look at it and its soo surreal to see the video then look at him laying in your arms. Too cool!