Thursday, August 19, 2010

My very own I.tchy and Scr.atchy show!

Today is 2 weeks since my surgery, and I have healed very well. I'm working out with my trainer and moving around fine. My steri strips came off this week.


Oh. My. God.

The itch.

I'm so f-ing itchy!!!! SO ITCHY! Especially around my belly button and the incision above my pubic bone.

Nothing helps. The nurse I spoke to suggested just to put lotion on it. That makes it worse. (It's actually a bit LESS itchy when dry.) I've tried* lotion, oatmeal lotion, aloe, cream, Calad.ryl, gold bo.nd powder, soft soap and water, sola.rcaine spray.... I tried wearing stretchy pants, empire waist dresses, and even nothing at all! Nothing helps.

UGH. So bad. The only thing that alleviates the itching enough that I can sleep at night is icing it. But it doesn't soothe the area long term.

The nurse said itching is normal. But... ARGH. I can't stand it. Just how itchy can it be, you may ask? Itchy enough that I'd trade the soreness and pain from the day after my surgery for this. Honestly. I prefer the pain.

*The doctor may not want me to put anything on for fear of getting the infections messed up, but a) they are pretty healed - until the itching made some scratches and b) I can't stand it. I have to do something!!!

In other news... My FIL is doing really well. We've been at the hospital every day with him, but today III wants me to stay home with the dogs. They are very confused with this sudden change in schedule and, Peanut especially, is driving us crazy all night long. FIL has all but one tube removed, is way down on his meds, and has been able to get up and walk around the ICU with the nurse's help. Every day when we get to the hospital, we are surprised at how much better he looks than even the day before. He is very emotional and tires easily, but that is all to be expected. The rest of us are in shock that this has really happened, and especially how quickly it has happened.

Each of our failures and losses with this ttc journey has been magnified by my FIL's illness- he's going to be a great grandpa, and as time went on and he got sicker and sicker, we worried he'd never meat his grandchildren. This gives us new hope that we will be able to make him a grandpa and he will be able to enjoy time with his grandchildren.


Kakunaa said...

I can't remember my laparoscopic surgery and whether it was was a LONG time ago, but it sounds like you have tried everything possible.

As for your FIL, you got a miracle for him, now hopefully you will get a miracle for you. Praying!

Fran said...

I'm so so happy your FIL is doing well! What a relief and I hope it'll be just the beginning of a series of good news!

For the itchiness: I had 3 laparoscopies and don't remember any of the incision being particularly itchy. Did you notice if there is much redness around the area? Does it feel warm? One suggestion for you to try is to put an ice cube on it, a part from the instant cooling effect, it should somewhat anaesthetise the area for a while! All the best, Fran

Anonymous said...

This is going to sound weird, but I swear it works. Slap yourself lightly in the spot where you're itching. Obviously this isn't something to do in public, but it really does work and is a good, non-incision-tearing alternative to scratching if you're not in too much pain.

cgd said...

Happy ICWL week!!! Wishing you much healing from your surgery. I sincerely hope the itching stops very soon, how uncomfortable. I also wish your FIL well. Your love for him cerainly shines through. I am sure that your IF issues take on so much more meaning given that he is sick.