Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random thoughts

If I hadn't lost my first pregnancy, I'd have a fourteen week old baby right now. It would make this trip very, very different.

If I hadn't lost my second pregnancy, I'd be sixteen weeks pregnant with twins. Also, a very different trip.

But I'm not pregnant. I don't have a baby. But I have my dogs, and they are my babies. We leave tomorrow to visit my family and leave them with a dog sitter who I don't know. I'm sure things will be fine, but I'm nervous. I'll miss them.

In other news.... my MIL is a very nice woman. She means well. But I just don't like her very much. Isn't that horrible??? One of my fears about moving here was her. Right now, she is confirming that fear. I'm hoping as we're here longer, she will chill. But I don't know. Fingers crossed....

I'm looking forward to Saturday. I planned a surprise party and it's all coming together.

I'm also looking forward to seeing my nephew. He's almost two and a half now, and I just love that age.

I realized this week that my surgery will coincide with when I would have been halfway through my most recent pregnancy. Awesome.

I also realized, with my surgery, it will be fall 2011 before I could even possibly have a baby. Fuck.

That's all I've got today. Probably won't be back until next week.


Kakunaa said...

:( They will never be forgotten...

Adam and Julia said...

oh honey. i am so sorry that you have to deal with all of this. it sucks! if it makes you feel better, i dont like my MIL either. my dogs are my babies too. i understand. Hugs and Love. j

caitsmom said...

Ah, what would have been can be a sad road to travel. I'm sorry. Hoping that surgery goes well. And, my fingers are crossed for your MIL to chill as well: )